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who we are?


We are a nearshore software development services company based in US and Latam.

Lab54 is a company  for customers with the innovation bug. 

What we do

We provide nearshore development teams. Our teams are located in locations close to you, maintaining conversation, management and collaboration all the time. Save money without worrying about the time difference, language or quality level.


We apply cutting-edge design approaches to create app interfaces that users really enjoy.

Full Stack

We provide development teams dedicated to our clients, with high degrees of specialization that allow us to ensure the success of the projects.


We help HR and IT departments to search, find and hire specialized and competent software development personnel remotely in Latin America.


DevOps is a combination of tools and practices that increase an organization's ability to deliver products and services in an agile manner and with a high degree of quality.


A continuous improvement approach for data services that ensures precision and quality to meet your specifications.

The place

We are online!

We provide services in all American countries from our centers in Argentina, Colombia, the United States and Mexico.
We handle Spanish and English as languages.
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